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This week I have been…


Watching… a few films – a dull indie film called Tiny Furniture that lost it’s way very quickly. I cant even be bothered to tell you about it – 4/10.  A better film was The Bling Ring, a true story about a group of teenagers that broke into famous people’s houses and stole and expensive items after checking on the ‘net to see when the celebrity was away – 6/10.  And a third film: I’m So Excited! is the latest from Spanish writer/director/producer Pedro Almodóvar, a man who I admire a great deal. But unfortunately, this comedy didn’t quite work for me. Perhaps the jokes were lost in translation. 

Trying to get fit… with a couple of runs and an exhausting Parkrun (number 11) on Saturday.  I even went to the gym today!  It’s the first time in a year and I used a site called which allows you to buy single sessions at gyms – a fine idea.  Anyway, I was doing fine until this stupidly thin and toned bloke started his workout and made me feel like a hippo. Luckily he was cute and worth viewing now and again!

Out to the pub… which may sound odd, but we’ve been boring farts lately and haven’t been out much at all, using Zac as an excuse!  Though with fireworks around, I’m not leaving Zac on his own in the evening for a few weeks.

Cooking… Salmon Risotto and I have to say, the packet of rice says always says cook for 15 minutes, but it always takes 30!

3 comments on “This week I have been…

  1. Raybeard
    November 4, 2013

    Can’t say anything about ‘Tiny Furniture’ (of which I haven’t heard) but I gave ‘Bling Ring’ 5.5 (= 11/20 for your purposes) and Pedro’s folly (whose films I usually like too) a measly 4. So maybe we aren’t so far apart on these two.

  2. sfchapman
    November 5, 2013

    What was Pedro thinking?!

  3. Raybeard
    November 5, 2013


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