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Listening… to the new album by Paul McCartney. It’s called New and like his albums of the past couple of decades, it has a couple of excellent songs and high quality musicianship throughout.  But at the same time,  there are a few below-average songs.  I assume when you are working with someone like Paul who has made some of the best songs ever made, you aren’t in a position to say that a new song doesn’t quite work.

Watching… a couple of films – Iron Man 3 was pretty awful.  I appreciate that the effects are stunning, but they took a 7 minute story and managed to turn it into a 2 hour film.  There are only so many fight and disaster scenes that need to be in a film to flesh it out.  A generous 4/10 from me.  The other film was called Beauty and I found it disturbing, especially one scene that I felt was too graphic. It was also trying hard to be arty with some scenes lasting 4 to 5 minutes with no dialogue and nothing happening – thankfully we had the fast-forward button ready.  It gets a 3/10 just about.

Attending… the Peter Gabriel concert at the O2 in London. More info here.

Eating… at Wahaca in Westfield Stratford before we ventured to the O2. This is the second time we’ve eaten there and the food was really excellent. I assume that it comes close to Mexican street food (which is the in-thing it seems), but even if it’s Anglicised, I don’t care.

Taking part… in my 10th Parkrun, this time just outside of Maidstone in Kent (we were staying at my Parent’s house for the weekend). Last week I mentioned that I aimed to achieve a sub-25 minute time this year.  Well… with a flat course, on concrete and feeling strangely alive after drinking the night before, I achieved 24.50.  I cant see me doing this on the hilly cross-country course at Wimpole Hall, but I’m pleased to have ticked one running aim off.

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