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This week I have been…


On holiday… in North Norfolk at the bungalow that Pete’s brother has skilfully renovated.  We had a relaxing week with lots of walking and fresh air.

Surprised… at the lack of business acumen by many places in Norfolk, especially out of season. You have an empty cafe, but are willing to turn down our money as we have a dog.  One place with about 40 seats, of which 38 were empty, would not let us sit down and have a sandwich and drink (spending at least £7 each!) as the seats could only be used for people eating full meals!  So we went elsewhere.

Visiting… some posh (and some not so posh) places.  Holt was very nice, with some lovely shops and eateries, whereas Burnham Market was trying a bit too hard to be overly upmarket and failing completely with a lack of choice and quality.  The more downmarket places like Cromer were welcoming, but there is often a depressing feeling, especially when you look at some of the crap in the gift shops.

Eating… in and out. Some nights we cooked, other nights we ate out. One evening, we had a lovely meal at the rather classy Gunton Arms (which welcomed dogs).  The food was excellent, the waiting staff cute and the view across the deer park stunning.

Celebrating… the first birthday of my dog Zac.

Taking part… in my 8th Parkrun, again in Sheringham. The announcement at the start made reference to the “treacherous route”. They weren’t wrong; it was a tough run through the woods, dodging roots, fallen branches and mud!  The time suffered accordingly.

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