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My tweets from the past week…

So was the Badger mass murder just put in place to keep Conservatives happy as they miss killing innocent animals? #badgerwatch

What do you mean it’s not a Mumford & sons demo track? It’s Gary Interesting Barlow?!? Who’d have guessed… or cared

It’s Norfolk out of season, your cafe nearly empty, yet youre happy to turn away custom cos I have a small dog! Typically British mentality

It’s national coming out day – I have my suspicions about a couple of people. Todays the day to tell me! #ComingOutDay

Glad we didnt leave the car in the space at Blakeney quay – the radio now reporting that the surging tide has flooded the car park and road!

Wow – just turned on ITV by accident and was surprised to see a fat presenter and then realised it was Aled Jones!

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