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The A to Z of me: G

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G is for Gay

OK it’s far too obvious a topic for G isn’t it and a bit too close to ‘C’?  But you can’t escape the fact that you’re reading the blog of a gay guy.

Although I like to use the old cliché that “being gay is the least interesting thing about me” I do actually find being gay as an interesting psychological study.  I can’t say that I am 100% content with being gay, if I was I would probably be “out” to more people and have come out far earlier. But at the same time I’m happy to talk about it – a contradiction perhaps?  I quite enjoy the question “when did you know you were gay?” and replying “when did you know you were straight?” and other similar conversations.  I am only just about comfortable with being thrown the curveball, when somebody I didn’t realise knows I am gay makes a comment.

I’ve always felt a bit different and wondered if everyone felt the same. I’ve said before that I’ve been a late starter in virtually every aspect of my life and being gay was no exception. Here I am at 43 (and wondering where the years went) and still feeling like I’m getting used to being gay and wondering if I will ever have a desire to go to gay bars and march in pride parades. I’m pro gay rights and recognise that we need to still promote equality, but also think that we go too far sometimes in critisicing anyone with an opinion that doesn’t meet our gay agenda with the word bigot is thrown about too easily.

So where am I going with this?  Well, I suppose I contradict myself a lot on this topic. I throw the line about “being gay is the least interesting thing about me” while still going on about it.  There is no happy medium and that’s probably how it will remain.

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