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This week I have been…

ImageWatching… a very dull film called Populaire. This French movie was well made, acting was fine and it had good reviews… but it was really boring! So it’s just 5/10.  Another film I saw this week was Django Unchained, the latest Tarantino movie that, despite the violence and dodgy story, I enjoyed it a lot – 8/10.

Listening to… Fleetwood Mac after seeing them at the O2.

Walking… Zac by myself as Pete was out enjoying himself a couple of nights this week. Though Zac is never quite as relaxed as when both of us walk him.

Running… in my 6th Park Run. It was a shocker – no energy and I didn’t enjoy it one bit.  The next one will be better I hope.

Pondering… why one client I meet with is more pleasurable than another. I conclude that the businesses I visit who see me (and my employer) as a useful partner as better to work with than those that see me (and my employer) as a person/entity to use.  And strangely enough, the former is usually far more profitable for both parties.

Enjoying… a day out at Silverstone watching British Touring Cars, Porsches and Formula Renaults. It was my first time visiting the racetrack and it was a fun and tiring day.  Thankfully, a friend had organised some corporate hospitality; so it meant free drink, food and a nice place to sit.  My employer doesn’t do such things.  I’ll post some pictures in due course.

One comment on “This week I have been…

  1. Raybeard
    September 30, 2013

    ‘Django’ was pretty good, and for me was stolen by Christoph Walz.
    Didn’t see ‘Populaire’ though it did come to this locality. Maybe the reviews had warned me off.

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