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Unusual maps

Countries that user the imperial measurement system:


Countries that Great Britain have never invaded:


Countries with paid maternity leave:


Most common names:


Who says that North is up?:



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2 comments on “Unusual maps

  1. Raybeard
    September 17, 2013

    The last map puts me in mind of a day at my junior school when the teacher told us that Australians live their lives (literally) upside-down. He then went on to say that some Australians claim that THEY are the ones ‘right way up’ and that WE are the upside-down ones – but they’re wrong!
    So – there we have the facts!

    Also when I was young, it was impossible to get my brothers to believe that there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’ in space – at least not without some relatively adjacent reference point.

  2. Nik_TheGreek
    September 17, 2013

    I just love maps. They’re a form of art apart from their scientific importance. Especially those old ones. That’s the reason I studied cartography, even if I don’t practice it. Thanks for the reminder…

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