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Best family fortunes answers

An animal with three letters: “Lion..”

A French ferry port: “Dover..”

Someone or something whose existence has never been proven: “Hitler..”

A number you might have to memorise: “Seven..”

A Boy’s name beginning with the letter J: “Gerald..”

An instrument you can play while walking in the street: “A cello..”

A slang word for a girl: “Slag..”

A way to prevent snoring: “Put a pillow over his face..”

A vocalist known by only one name: “Michael Jackson..”

A boy mentioned in a nursery rhyme: “Little Red Riding Hood..”

Something associated with rain: “Water..”

A popular TV soap: “Dove..”

Something you might find in a garage: “a grand piano..”

A sign of the Zodiac: “April..”

A seaside resort on the south coast: ” Rio de Janeiro..”

Something with a red light on it: “a Dalek..”

A dangerous race: “The Arabs..”

Some famous brothers: “Bonnie and Clyde..”

A famous royal: “Mail..”

A famous Parisian landmark: “Hawaii..”

A famous Arthur: “Shakespeare..”

A reason someone digs a hole in the road: “Grave digger..”

Something a girl should know about a man before marrying him: “His name..”

Something taken from a hotel as a souvenir: “The lamps..”

Something you keep in a garden shed: “A gardener..”

Something you put on walls: “Roofs..”

Something that floats in the bath: “Water..”

And my personal favourite…

A bird with a long neck: “Naomi Campbell..”

One comment on “Best family fortunes answers

  1. Raybeard
    September 9, 2013

    Yes, ‘Naomi C. is a goodie’. Otherwise my biggest laugh came with ‘Dove’.

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