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This week I have been…


Watching… Star Trek Into Darkness. It was an entertaining film, but I was a bit surprised that the story was so obvious.

Celebrating… the 50th birthday of my cousin Tracy.  Pete and I travelled to Basingstoke in Hampshire for a party. After a long period where I didn’t see my cousins, it’s great that in recent years we’ve reconnected.

Wondering… why the politicians can’t figure out the problems with demand at A&E departments. Any fool can see the correlation between waiting 2 weeks to see a GP and the huge number of people at A&E. Sort out the GP waiting time and enforce A&E rules… simple.

Visiting… Edinburgh on Monday, just for the day. I had to meet two colleagues to present some work I have been preparing for a long while. The outcome was the next stage in a useful qualification in project management.

Taking part… in my 3rd Parkrun at the Wimpole Hall estate.

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