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This week I have been…

ImageListening to… to a couple of albums in readiness for writing a review from the Top 500 albums from Rolling Stone magazine. The latest was a Bob Dylan album that I found quite underwhelming. next one up is by The Who and that has surprised me at how varied it is and the one after has blown my mind!

Watching… the film Side Effects starring Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s a drama that flows nicely, but in the first half an hour, there was a strange background noise/hum that was very off putting. A good 6/10 and close to a 7, but it lost the point due to the noise!

Eating… home made pizza. I bought some 00 flour (the right kind to make pizza dough) and tonight we had lovely pizzas!

Enjoying… looking a a brand new picture of Zac Efron from a forthcoming film called Neighbours.  I assume it’s not the big screen  version of the Aussie TV programme.  Perhaps he’s playing Paul Robinson?  For reference, I last saw neighbours about 10 years ago!

Cheering… Crystal Palace to their Premiership first win against Sunderland. It was an exciting match and I enjoyed a few beers while watching on TV.

Realising… just how backward Russia is as a country. It’s gay laws are simply archaic and very wrong.

One comment on “This week I have been…

    September 2, 2013

    You are using all of your senses! Bravo! Maybe it’s time to move? ~HUG~

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