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This week I have been…

Imagewelcoming… Crystal Palace to the Premiership. It’s going to be a bumpy ride and it may not work out well at the end of the season, but the money will mean a good few years of security.

travelling to… Edinburgh for a course. Three days in Edinburgh is fine, but enhanced by watching England v Scotland in a pub.  When England scored what would be the winning goal, I did shout out loud along with a couple of my colleagues. I instantly realised that the rest of the very Scottish pub was very quiet.

wondering why… all of the staff in the hotel in Edinburgh were foreign (and come to think of it, most of the restaurants in the town where I live). If jobs are available to foreign visitors, why are the unemployed not taking these jobs instead?

realising that… Russia is stuck in the dark ages. The anti-gay laws show the country to be rather backward and ignorant. Pete and I had intended to go to Russia last year and I’m glad that we didn’t go.

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