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This week I have been…

ImageListening to… podcasts that have been sitting on the iphone for a few weeks.  Caught up with a few, but seem to have loads outstanding.

Watching… another Zac Efron film. This time it was The Paperboy, a complete mess of a film. It lost it’s way very quickly and tried too hard to be quirky.  We also watched a really good French film called Dans La Maison in which a 16 year old boy writes essays for his teacher about a friends family that lead to problems for all parties. I was surprised that the excellent lead actor, Ernst Umhauer, had only acted in 2 films before and even more surprised to read that he is 23!

Also watching… a documentary on The Eagles. Glenn Frey came across as not the nicest of people with an enlarged ego and  and Don Henley only a little less so.

Eating… a hanger steak for the first time. Pete and I went for a meal at a local restaurant that we had been meaning to go to for ages. The hanger steak, so I am informed, is the cut of beef that is so good, the butcher keeps it for himself.  And yes, it was a fantastic steak.

Working… around the home counties as usual, but also at The Gherkin. One of our local clients took their team to our London offices for a group meeting and along with a colleague that really knows how to present, I also presented to them!  We then all had lots of beer, which was the best part!

And… this week I am in Edinburgh for a few days. Not bad timing considering it’s fringe time!


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