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Everything changes

My first take on some very short fiction… inspired by the Daily Post at WordPress:

I almost didn’t notice the piece of slightly stained white paper as I walked along the pavement.  Usually I wouldn’t have bothered bending down to pick it up; there’s plenty of rubbish around the town and another item shouldn’t have caught my eye, but today it stood out.

Today was different and had been since I woke before the alarm and had been spontaneously inspired to select a shirt to wear that I hadn’t worn for several years, shoes that I should have thrown out long ago and a desire to walk to the 4 miles to work instead of drive.  After a quick shower and a single slice of toast I was out of the door and decided to change my routine further by purchasing a coffee for my stroll, when tea was my normal choice.

As I collected my drink, the man behind me sighed and moved coins around his hand before going to walk out. I’m not the most gregarious person and would never have approached a stranger but today I asked if he was short of change for a coffee.  He nodded and so I paid for it, a beaming smile was my reward.

Nothing seemed typical about the day up to that point, so why should this moment be any different. Picking up a piece of paper that had obviously been there for days seemed the natural thing to do.  The item was neatly folded as if great care had been taken to ensure that all folds were defined and the paper at right angles throughout.

I unfolded it and noticed that the text was in the middle of the page in a small but neat font. The words were all in capitals, but the letter at the start of each word was slightly larger than the rest.

The phrase jumped out at me.  Its simplicity and eloquence spoke to me in the strangest and unexpected of ways. I felt motivated to make this day special. I followed the instructions to the letter for the rest of the day, doing what I could to ring the pleasure from the hours at work and at home.  I changed every part of my routine and enjoyed the new experiences it brought to me. I felt compelled to make a shift in my life, if only for a few hours and all because earlier that day I had picked up the paper and read the words out loud:


9 comments on “Everything changes

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  2. Jason
    August 6, 2013

    If only every day couple be a perfect day…..

  3. sfchapman
    August 6, 2013

    It is… but just on different levels!

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    August 6, 2013

    This was very good! I read it all the way and I’m glad I did! It’s perfect if you make it so!

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