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The A to Z of me: D

A to Z

D is for Dancing

I don’t get dancing. I don’t understand why anyone wants to throw themselves around, semi-randomly to the beat of a song. To me it looks weird and a bit demented as if the person has been taken over by an unknown force.  I know that my views conflict with the majority (and not for the first time).

The music may be pumping and there is something in the sub-conscious that just wants to mirror the beat and certainly, my toe would be tapping, but… to move my whole body, concentrating slightly on that movement, seems very odd and unnatural.

Now I need to admit that, in the past, I have bopped around the dance floor.  However, I’ve only done such a thing when very drunk and well away from anyone I know; but without fail there comes a moment mid-movement that my brain asks “what the f*** are you doing Stephen?!”.  At that point, I stop and skulk to a safe corner, embarrassed as I have clearly let myself down.

So the next time you are enjoying yourself on a dancefloor at a nightclub, a wedding or just in your bedroom, think of me and my self-conscious problems… but don’t spare any pity.

One comment on “The A to Z of me: D

  1. Raybeard
    July 31, 2013

    I also was extremely self-conscious and was actually THIRTY-EIGHT before daring to adventure onto the floor (in Amsterdam) – given inspiration by a late friend, then as old as being in his 60s, who didn’t give a damn for what people thought of him. I found it totally exhilarating – and addictive. The phase lasted only some 7 years and stopped because money deficiencies prevented further engagement in night-life sprees. But it was a gloriously heady experience – and though I didn’t have to be drunk, sometimes a little inebriation helped to get over that initial barrier, which turned out to be much more enjoyable than standing on the side of the dance area, nursing a drink, while enviously watching others let their hair down with gay abandon. But I do understand exactly where you’re coming from.

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