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The A to Z of me: C

A to Z

C is for Coming out

I have always been a late starter, probably in everything I’ve ever done.  Coming out and telling the world I was gay was no exception and it’s something I could and should have done many years before I actually did.  I would recommend that every gay guy comes out as soon as possible and don’t be naive in thinking that you should wait for the right time as that just doesn’t exist.

Coming out to my parents was scariest thing I have done and coming out to my parents was the biggest anti-climax I have experienced. Everyone has their own story, so I wont bore you with mine.

What they don’t tell you of course is that coming out never stops and to be honest, I’ve never become comfortable with the whole thing and perhaps it would be easier if I was a bit more gay. In that way, at least people wouldn’t looked so shocked when I tell them.  I’ve had a couple of good responses a few years ago:

Him: “Do you live with your girlfriend”?

Me: “I live with my boyfriend”

Him: “What?!  You’re gay?!”

Me: “I believe so!”

Him: “You’re not gay!  You like football and beer!”

3 comments on “The A to Z of me: C

  1. Raybeard
    July 17, 2013

    (Thanks for your e-mail, Stephen, confirming that you’ve ‘de-spammed’ me. I’ve no idea why WordPress should have done that – and I bet I wasn’t the only victim. But now that we’re back to ‘normal’, hooray!)

    Re above: Of course the stock answer to the question “Are you gay?” is –
    “No, but don’t tell my boyfriend.” A bit stale now, I know, but I’m only rejoicing in and exercising my newly re-discovered ‘liberation’. (In posting comments, I mean, not in ‘coming out’!)

  2. likeitiz
    July 28, 2013

    The stereotyping is making me nauseous!

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