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This week I have been…

ImageListening… to unrated songs on my iphone. I quite like rating songs so that I can build playlists easily. But I still have about 2,500 songs that haven’t been rated, so I built an auto playlist of unrated songs and have been listening and rating where appropriate. There has been a lot of “what the hell is this?!” going on.

Enjoying… being home alone. Don’t get me wrong, living with Pete is always fun, but this week he had two concerts lined up that didn’t appeal to me so I played my guitar and…

Watched… some TV including some old programmes of QI and Grand Designs, two of the finest programmes ever made in my opinion.

Bought… some Levi jeans. It occured to me that I’ve never bought a pair of the “king of jeans” before and have put that right. They fit so well and it helped that the shop had 20% this weekend!

Entertained… a guest from Germany by going for a curry!

Realised… that I have never been to a Pride event. Does that make me a bad gay? It was the main event in London yesterday and I’m not sure the scene is my thing, but I hope those that went had a fine time.

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