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This week I have been…

ImageListening… to RTL2 while driving around France. It’s all good quality AOR music, despite being a bit too U2 heavy.

Watching… a new French ghost based drama called The Returned. It’s being shown on Channel 4 and as we know, the general public don’t like subtitles, but Channel 4 have rightfully taken the risk and shown it. The first episode was introducing characters mainly, but it was gripping stuff!

Eating… far too much red meat, cheese, bread and cake based food. When you have fresh food available nearby, it’s so tough not to partake.  And now the holiday is over, it’s back to some kind of healthy living for a few weeks.

Laughing… at the selfish dumb Mercedes driver who switched lanes in the Eurotunnel queue despite the signs saying he must not. He thought he should be ahead of everyone else – so it was funny when the official held him back to be the last car to board.

Walking… through the huge forests around Sillé-le-Guillaume. The countryside was stunning and the managed forests had many tracks to wander around. Zac was exhausted at the end of each walk.

Reading… Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. This was the first James Bond book and the first I have read.  It was an OK read, but not as good as I was expecting. Bond seems to smoke far too much and drink like a fish. Though the image of him swimming naked several times helped the book along as I pictured Daniel Craig.

Trying… something new in the form of a bit of an all over tan! The garden on holiday was completely private.

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