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The return

I’m back from our French road trip cum “off the grid” enforced relaxation.

Plenty to share over the coming days, but here’s the summary…  We started in Calais and then drove to Cassel for a few hours. Cassel is a small town on the way to Lille that was once an important Roman settlement. You can see this today with dead straight roads heading off into the distance – it’s well worth a visit.  A night spent in Lille was followed by a drive to the edge of Paris for another night. We spent a day in Paris doing the tourist things before heading to a tiny village near Le Mans called Vimarce for 7 nights. The gite was in the middle of nowhere and you begin to realise just how crowded England is when you are in rural France.

We then started on road trip part 2 back home.  We ventured to Chartres and then to the forests of Rambouillet for a night before a night in Calais and back home the next day.

Lots of miles, lots of food and drink, lots of fun.  And Zac was with us the whole time!


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