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Off the grid

Pete, Zac and me are in rural France for a week having taken a few days to get here. We have a cottage in the middle of nowhere – about a mile away from a “village” and 8 miles from a small town.

The countryside is stunning, with rolling hills, valleys and forests. With no wifi, we have enforced relaxation being off the grid. Having no Internet is quite challenging, but quite nice too. This update was provided by some wifi in a town we are visiting.

We have been exploring the area a bit including a beach, despite being 2 hours from the coast! Looking forward to some fine local food and wine and even getting some culture.

This photo is the view from the bedroom.


2 comments on “Off the grid

  1. iceman75
    June 6, 2013

    Bienvenue en France ! Very nice bedroom view. I hope it will be more green and yellow in a few weeks if the weather becomes normal.
    Sometimes wifi and 3G is not a good thing to discover a country

  2. Nik the Greek
    June 7, 2013

    Wow… That view is amazing! Enjoy your relaxing holidays. I’m happy for you… I bet Zac is crazy about the place too…

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