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This week I have been…

ImageListening to… the new EP by Fleetwood Mac. Sneaked out to the world with virtually no publicity (what do record companies actually do?!). The EP features four new songs – hear snippits here. We are seeing the band at the O2 later this year.

Watching… a couple of very average films: The Adjustment Bureau and The Sapphires. Both seemed to run out of ideas and the latter was not well paced.

Visiting… London and losing my Martini virginity.  See yesterdays posting.

Browsing… an incredibly geekie site which shows all the London Underground track layout it detail!  I told you it was geekie but I was fascinated to see how the Underground has, and continues to change.

Doing… some running again. I have such a poor level of fitness and keep getting injured, but I’m back on the running plan again. It’s especially nice with sunny weather. My aim is STILL to get to a level (and maintain it) where I can run 10k when I want to.

Learning… that the word decimate doesn’t quite mean what we think it does. It’s now used to describe something being destroyed, but actually means to reduce by a tenth (note the “deci” part). The historical meaning comes from a time when one in every ten of a group of people were killed (originally a mutinous Roman legion) as a punishment for the whole group.

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