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UKIP “success”

So the fringe party UKIP did well in the local elections, mainly it seems by spreading rumours, concerns and semi-truths to aid their cause.  They are clever though; they play on some very real worries in the country.  It matters not that the public perceptions may be incorrect or misguided in some areas, people get very emotional when it comes to their country.  A few of the perceptions include…

We pay too much to be in the EU and would be better off out of the union.

“Foreigners” come to UK, get a place to live and enjoy living on benefits.

Too many enclaves in the UK where people speak no English.

Criminals get an easy ride and the victims end up paying.

And most bizarrely, they think most people are pro-hunting!

Whether they are true or not isn’t important – we have all seen examples of the above and stressing them as important makes them seem real and unfair.  It’s a strange time for politics in the UK, that’s for sure.

One comment on “UKIP “success”

  1. Raybeard
    May 4, 2013

    What I reckon has pissed off an even more substantial slice of Tory voters than is recognised, and flung them into UKIP arms, is the equal marriage issue. Though only a few mention it, I bet it’s simmering under the surface of considerably more than those who say so. If we knew exactly how many there are, I think we’d see that, together with the immigration question (which you recognise above and which is conveniently subsumed into being a more ‘acceptable’ anti-E.U. stance), the Conservative Party is, essentially, still ‘the nasty party’.

    Yes, these are strange – and very interesting – days.
    I can’t help feeling pleasure in knowing that many of those now voting UKIP will be rueing the fact that they actually voted AGAINST adopting P.R. Come the General Election, if UKIP is still commanding the same level of support, it’ll just about guarantee a Labour Government, with UKIP more than likely not winning a single seat. I’m practically laughing my socks off already!

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