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This week I have been…

ImageListening to… lots of music, but also some great podcasts including Steve Lamacq’s Round Table from BBC 6Music. I really love to find something special in the new music releases, a nugget of musical gold if you will!

Reading… at a greater speed. I’m not reading a book at the moment but am working on increasing the speed at which I read as I am, and have always been, a slow reader. More on this shortly.

Watching… selected programmes. The way that we watch TV has changed over the past year or so. We now tend to record on the Sky Plus box and watching when we want to. And to my surprise, a lot of the best TV is coming from the US nowadays – and that hasn’t been the case for years. This weeks Modern Family was very funny and catching an old episode of Frasier is like seeing old friends.

Visiting… Pete and I attended the wedding reception of one of my colleagues last night. It was at the stunning Taplow House Hotel. It was a very relaxed affair, but very classy at the same time.

Browsing… I found a very funny and informative site called It’s full of lists from all over the ‘net – some are silly, some weird, some funny. Well worth a browse.

Doing… I like making bread and having seen Paul Hollywood on TV insisting that bread should be made by hand, I have made a couple of loaves, using local flour and plenty of kneading. The result was so very very tasty.

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