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Film recommendation: Presque Rien

I’ve seen many gay themed films over the years and many dissapoint. They forget that the story, script and acting should still stand up, but few do. However, there are a gems and here is one I wish to share. Presque Rien is an extremely well made movie and my favourite “gay movie”.

18 year old Mathieu is spending the summer with his family at their holiday home on the coast and meets Cedric and their friendship blossoms into a sex filled relationship. The subplot concentrates on Mathieus depression and the family problems that overwhelm him. The film avoids many of the gay cliches (though a few slip in) and instead tells an interesting and touching story.

The seasons of the year are used cleverly to complement mood or the storyline and the acting excellent. Jérémie Elkaïm is an established actor, though virtually unknown when the film was made in 2000 and his co-star, Stéphane Rideau has since made a number of gay films.

If you want to see a gay themed film that offers more than just the norm’, check out Presque Rien.

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