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The Nickey Line

We spent a pleasant couple of hours walking along a disused railway line that once ran from Harpenden to Hemel Hempstead via Redbourn. The locals called it the Nickey Line – but no-one is quite sure why.

This link was only 9 miles long and was not well used during it’s lifetime by passengers. It seems a strange route as it’s just countryside.  The line was mainly used by a couple of factories, but it was always doomed, closing in 1947. It’s now a lovely flat walk were the single track used to be and despite a chilling wind, it was a nice way to spend an afternoon. It was pretty busy yesterday, with lots of walkers, some with dogs, runners and cyclists.

I find it interesting to see recent history like this and wonder who worked along the line, the buildings that came and went and whether the line could have survived in some way.

We walked from Harpenden to Redbourn which was more than enough for Zac, so we got the bus back!






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