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Flatpack learns

The person that invented flat pack furniture should be slowly tortured. My experience is actually pretty good to be fair, with the odd exception, including yesterdays farce.

We’ve been looking for some nice wooden bedside tables for a while and thought we’d found them yesterday. Solid pine, with a draw and cupboard to keep belongings away from dogs… sounds like a good plan eh? And the bonus was that there was £10 off the item, so we bought two.

It started badly when we realised how confusing the instructions were. But we persevered… but not for long. The items were badly made and the first proof was, when inserting a dowel rod, the positioning meant that the wood had been weakened and so a split appeared down the front. This would have been the case on the other similar pieces.  The ready made screw holes were so close to the edge that when I started to put the screw in, the wood crumbled.

Then, as I put the main frame together I noticed gaps all over the place. The pieces were slightly too short or too long and the sides were bowed. So it looked like a bad school project as the whole thing was warped.

So Pete called the shop (called Range) and was told to bring the items back for a refund. Yet another drive in the car and we waited at customer services for an age only to be told to see a member of staff in the furniture department. We waited there and was sent back to customer services!

Then the fun started when, at first, they couldn’t find a manager to authorise a refund and then he appeared for 20 seconds and walked off again. It was left to the nice lady to inform us that they were refusing a refund us as we had “already started to put the items together”.  No shit Sherlock?!

I explained as calmly as I could that the items were useless and there were two choices for us: to return them or burn them, thus saving fuel bringing them back. It was obvious to me that you cant tell that pieces are poorly made without trying to put them together!

We reminded them that we had been told that a refund would be paid if were bought the crap purchases back and so, after about 15 minutes they agreed to a goodwill refund. We accepted the money back.

The thing that winds me up is that the shop had clearly sold two pieces of flatpack furniture that were of such poor quality, that the amount paid for them was an insult. They could never have been formed into the furniture that we expected to see – so to argue that we should not get a refund is just not acceptable.

Had we not been offered a refund, I suspect that we would have spent until closing time arguing with the staff.  Overall, it was not satisfactory customer service.

2 comments on “Flatpack learns

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  2. Lee-Anne
    February 18, 2014

    …and the form of torture should consist of being marooned on a desert island with nothing but a thousand flat packs of furniture which they must construct, lest further boxes arrive by ship. 🙂

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