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Vogon poetry

For anyone that is a fan of Douglas Adams, you can find a Vogon poetry generator on the BBC website.  According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Vogons are responsible for the destruction of the Earth when building an intergalactic highway. Vogons are described as mindlessly bureaucratic, aggressive, having “as much sex appeal as a road accident” and the writers of “the third worst poetry in the universe”.

Here is my Vogon poem:

See, see the naive sky
Marvel at its big pink depths.
Tell me, do you wonder why the pig ignores you?
Why its foobly stare makes you feel tired.
I can tell you, it is worried by your flipunked facial growth
It looks like mustard.
What’s more, it knows your wengi potting shed smells of peas.
Everything under the big naive sky asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm fish.

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