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Due to having a puppy in the house, we have struggled to watch many films lately. At around 8pm each evening, Zac finds an amazing amount of energy and this means that watching any TV is impossible as he runs, plays and wants attention.

However, we did watch two films over the weekend.  And both had rave reviews but both disappointed me:

The Iron Lady – 6/10

Not long into the film, I felt uneasy. Although not the biggest fan of Mrs Thatcher, I felt that this portrayal was disrespectful. The story centres on Mrs Thatchers current life, but with the vision of her late husband Denis talking to her. We are to accept that she is suffering from dementia and despite the fine acting of Meryl Streep and the other actors, all of time I thought that this film should have been made 5 years after the former Prime Ministers eventual death.

With films about famous individuals, it’s a difficult decision how to portray them. Do you let the actor interpret the role or go for an impersonation. In this case they went for the latter and all I could think of was Maggie’s Spitting Image puppet impersonator.

Overall, this was an acceptable film with an interesting story. It was just too soon and for me was not a film that required a cinema release.  It’s a TV movie with aspirations.

The Dark Knight Rises – 6/10

For some people, this is one of the best films ever made.  I thought the other Batman films were OK, but this one just bored me.

It was action cliché after action cliché and despite the very impressive CGI, the film was lacking a gripping narrative.  The story itself was more full of holes than a Swiss cheese and certain scenes made no sense.  Batman has no special powers and has always relied on gadgets – but in several scenes he fought the villain in a fist fight. Why?!

The voice of Bane, played by Tom Hardy was simply stupid. I laughed at several points as I could hear a mix between Ian McKellen and Professional Yaffle (from Bagpuss). It ruined the movie for me.

It was an average action film.

Spoilers alert:

Bruce Wayne appears to recover from a broken back in a few months and manages to trek across the world back to Gotham with no money or ID.

Everybody seemed to have figured out who Batman really was

Wayne was trapped in a prison that seemingly anyone could climb out of it they tried, though none thought of that and in addition there were no guards.

Wayne is made bankrupt by some obviously fake trading in futures by the villain, yet the authorities do nothing and neither does Wayne!

Gotham is locked down with millions of people held hostage and the Government does nothing!  That is just crap writing.   And somehow EVERY POLICEMAN in the city, bar one, went into the sewers looking for the evil Bane.  Seems like bad management to me.

At the end, I laughed out loud as the hero cop revealed his real name, that he never uses, is Robin. How crap an ending is that?!

One comment on “Movie reviews

  1. Raybeard
    March 15, 2013

    I’m largely with you on ‘The Iron Lady’. For me there’s too much of the senile Thatcher- before the real-life lady had even got to that stage. (Maybe she’s there now, I don’t know).
    Also it seemed that apart from the brief post-Falklands jubiliations it appeared that this country was in non-stop nationwide riots against her. There was certainly a lot of anger but it was nearly always contained – and she did, after all, win three General Elections…… but filmic licence, I suppose.
    I think the film was really made worthwhile by Streep’s spookily accurate portrayal – visually, mannerisms but most of all, the voice – right on target.
    I’d give the film 7/10 – but five of those points would be for Streep alone.

    I’m also with you on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Can’t understand at all why it was so well-received. All noise, effects and no substance. I think your mark is over-generous – double what would be my score. .

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