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Birthday food

IMG_0116It was Pete’s birthday yesterday so we went for a meal last night at one of the 2 best restaurants in our town. We are certainly spoiled for choice for a town with 30,000 people – dozens of restaurants and cafes to take our fancy!

The place where we seem to spend a lot of time lately is called The Hermitage.  It has a coffee shop downstairs, a great bar and a fab restaurant.  It used to be a dance hall, then a nightclub, then empty for years before a huge amount of money was spent on it.  The place reminds me more of an expensive trendy bar in London – so you don’t expect to see quality like this in the

An added treat is that it also has a couple of barman that make me go weak at the knees! One in particular obviously works out and may well know how good looking he is.

Last night I started with Ham Hock – a bit like a very rough pate.  I followed it with pulled pork with chunky fries.  The food can be a bit overly fancy, but nice all the same. And there may have been some beer and wine.  I couldn’t manage a 3rd course, but I did steal some of Pete’s cheese.

A fine evening all round.

One comment on “Birthday food

  1. Nik_TheGreek
    March 14, 2013

    Happy Birthday to Pete. I remember his birthday is close to mine

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