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That’s so gay

September-09-2012-15-51-03-tumblrm8ap4sqx0h1rb4dzvo1500I saw this witty poster yesterday and it reminded me of an old blog post. So here is some recycling in action…


A few years ago a colleague called Ben said that the piece of work in front of him was “so ****ing gay” and then realised I was near him and apologised. I was seriously insulted and he knew it. The use of the word gay appears to be the in thing for children and immature people as a general put down and not in a sarcastic or humourous way. I find it depressing and personally as abhorrent as someone using the N word.

An article here suggests that parents need to do more – but at least we have Ashton Kutcher supporting us! God help us all.

We need to turn the use of the word gay around  completely and use it as a compliment all of the time! For example:

To say nice things to a man on his  appearance: “He dresses so gay”
To state that you approve of a joke: “Your humour is so gay”
To show favour for a guys football skills: “That pass was well gay”
To say that someone did a good job: “You’re so gay for pay”
(maybe not the last one)

3 comments on “That’s so gay

  1. Thom Topham
    March 8, 2013

    You piece is so gay! Great poster too! Please take a look (and have a listen) at my multimedia autoBLOGography – it’s so gay!

  2. Raybeard
    March 8, 2013

    I’m certainly not going to accept any personal credit for saying this as I’m sure that MANY people thought the same way:-
    In the mid-1970s when there was understandable urging for gay people to refer to ourselves with that word in preference to calling ourselves ‘queer’, ‘poofter’, ‘bent’ – or any of the many other unofficially ‘endorsed’ derogatory expressions – I wrote a letter to the then ‘Gay News’ (shortly afterwards to be ‘successfully’ prosecuted for blasphemy, preceding its demise a little later) voicing fear that after some time the word ‘gay’ itself might turn out to be an insult by ‘association’. There was already quite a storm (which still goes on) regarding the use of a ‘perfectly ‘nice’ English word in such a way – as though ( yawn!) no other words had more than one meaning. I suggested in my letter that a then non-existent pronounceable arrangement of letters (can’t recall which I put forward) might stand a better chance of surviving a negative ‘threat’, though I dare say it would probably have happened anyway. But I was just pointing out what MIGHT happen with ‘gay’ – and which eventually did. By then the wave of support for using the ‘g’ word had already been instigated and grown in force in the U.S.A. so what could a few voices over here do?
    My letter, along with, I’m sure, those of others in the same vein, was not published.

    Btw: That poster above is really hard-hitting. I’d love to see it ALL OVER the place.

  3. tosid01
    March 9, 2013

    Very true! friends of mine use “gay” in so many different ways and most of them are negative, usually not a bother until they look at me and ask ” That didn’t offend you did it?” No you single celled amoeba, it didn’t! did that?

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