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Dear All Songs Considered

There is a podcast from NPR called All Songs Considered that features a couple of guys who fail to follow the name of the show. They don’t like Fleetwood Mac and “never will” which I find is a strange approach from a show that talks about listening to anything and everything. I’m not saying that they HAVE to like the album, I am just surprised that they limit their listening in such a blinkered way.

Here is a comment I left on their blog:

I can fully appreciate that the polished songs of Fleetwood Mac don’t appeal to everyone (though millions like them).  However, I don’t understand how you cant ‘get’ the appeal of certain tracks – they fit the All Songs mould perfectly.

With regard to Rumours, the structure, length and flow work perfectly. The three songwriters and three voices just work!  I suspect that due to the mega sales, you don’t want to be seen to like something that isn’t ‘cool’ enough for you. I have no doubt that if a new artist came along with a song like Rhiannon, The Chain or Gold Dust Woman, you would highlight them as something special, but you’ve limited yourself with your lack of openness.

Sirs, you have become blinkered over this band, which surprises and disappoints me. If ‘Tusk’ isn’t the ultimate risk taker, then what is?!  Surely All Songs Considered thrives on risk takers. The recent albums by Lindsey Buckingham are as much ‘college’ and ‘indie’ as any of the artists you feature that might be tagged in these categories.

The arguments about punk are weak. Punk was important as it shook up music, but let’s face it, 90% of punk was awful. It was just another type of music and complements other genres. I enjoy some of the late 70’s punk as much as I enjoy Rumours.

Now I am not innocent here though – I have said before that I hate all Tina Turner songs and always will. I dont like her voice and have made my mind up. That means I am blinkered and cutting myself off. It’s like the idiots that say “I dont like curry”… what, every single type of curry? every one of thousands of dishes? And you find out that they’ve never even tried a curry.

So why not follow your own rules and consider ALL SONGS?

One comment on “Dear All Songs Considered

  1. Raybeard
    February 8, 2013

    Fleetwood Mac? I’d rather jack! 😉

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