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8d1e0d0892c911e1be6a12313820455d_7I have been in London today at our office in the capital for a meeting with my manager.  It’s that planning time of the year.

Our London office is at 30 St Mary Axe, also known as The Gherkin. It’s a great view from the building, as you would expect, especially with so many new buildings taking shape.  London is great for many things, but especially the constantly changing skyline. It’s been like this for many centuries of course. I took this picture on my phone last year.

I managed to get Pete into the bar at the top a while back and being there is a weird experience. The reflections and very very low lighting plays tricks with your senses. It’s worth the trip of course, but you have to know someone on the inside to be able to visit the bar or restaurant.

The day however was grey, wet and rather depressing. It’s easy to feel a bit low when the weather is like this and especially when you feel like you’ve accomplished little during the day – it’s just been one of those days. I get paid to take flak sometimes and I took some today.

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This entry was posted on January 28, 2013 by in London, work.

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